Monday, September 19, 2011

Innovation and Investment in The Whole Village

AMWS- September 17, 2011, Cobb County, GA –Members of The Whole Village celebrated Mariasonniah Elizabeth Smith as a Youth Achiever with all rights and responsibilities. Contributors to The Mariasonniah Smith Fellowship receive a free photo download.
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Eric Stradford

AMWS, Cobb County, GA, -- Mariasonniah Smith, 12, shared a vision of her future as a teacher, a public speaker, a basketball player and a philanthropist. It seemed like a big dream for the caring adults in the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  As celebrants of annual Martin Luther King Jr. service events, these community leaders know all too well the formula for walking in a dream.

“We saw Southern Christian Leadership at work today,” said Stephanie A. Walker Stradford, CEO, Youth Achievers USA Institute (YouthUSA). “There is no question of its need and the need for innovation and investment in its future." Some members of The Whole Village need jobs. Some need to grow their church membership. Some need patrons for their businesses. Some are fighting for justice. Some need so much they dare not even dream about what they need.

But some local community members are stepping into the dream as contributors to Positive Youth Development.  "As financial advisor, my role is to identify Mariasonniah's financial needs and advise the Whole Village on her net worth," said Curtis Fritts, Asset Manager.

That's a tall order since Mariasonniah's financial goal is to be a millionaire and a philanthropist.  But her Money-n-the-Bank goals can be achieved.  "YouthUSA promotes the spiritual value 'I believe I can achieve whatever I believe I can achieve,' said Cobb County SCLC Board Chair Rev. Dr. Sheryl Graves.  "As believers in Jesus Christ we share the belief that with Him, all things are possible."

YouthUSA adds innovation to investment in Mariasonniah, its newest beneficiary. As Cobb County’s first winner at THE ANNUAL YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, Mariasonniah has agreed to be an asset to her community. Her “Money-n-the-Bank” goals, a caring adult mentor and a Whole Village qualify her and her community for American innovation and investment aimed at meeting local needs.

A collaborative effort by Cobb County SCLC and YouthUSA promotes “Be The Bridge” as a development campaign for sponsoring Positive Youth Development events. The effort is in step with the national SCLCToday vision shared with YouthUSA by SCLC national president Isaac Ferris.

YouthUSA promotes a national vision for Positive Youth Development by investing in and supporting its beneficiaries. The campaign invites local churches and community-based nonprofits to invest in the dreams of participating local youth. Contributors can also support Mariasonniah directly or any Youth USA beneficiary at