Friday, April 3, 2020

People Get Ready!

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? -- 1 Corinthians 15:55 King James Version (KJV)

By Eric Stradford, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

AMWS April 2, 2020, Atlanta People Get Ready! is a most appropriate dirge for two or more to gather, pondering the reality for today. This week, the death toll in the United States and across the planet prompts people with and without solutions to GET READY!  Even in the midst of global gloom and doom, any 2 in 2.4 billion Christians on the planet can choose to grieve or believe.

For the believers, the season draws one nearer to an uncommon reality. #HeGotUp!The Lift” emboldens the next generation to “force the Spring.” It builds on a foundation of Seven Last Words to advance toward a better day. 

In 2020, “The Lift” needs to include some substantial stimulus to help counter survivor’s remorse.  If you own a business, let’s see if you’re ready to do business with government you don’t trust.  The Trump Administration has put a COVID-19 twist on the old SBA 7J loan program.  Back in the day, “minority owned enterprises” tapped into set-asides to help “level the playing field.”  Today, just about anybody can get a million dollars in working capital to keep 10 people employed.  Have you considered subcontracting with the Funeral Home Director as your primary contractor.

If you have set up your last will, living trust and health care power of attorney, consider yourself a prospective asset to a funeral director’s COVID-19 LEARN-2-EARN team.   Pastors are already factored in the undertaker’s business marketing plan.  The reality of the time is that some people will die this month.  Some will live. And way too many will worry themselves about stuff over which they have no control.

So why not take a few worries off our plates. Some enterprising baby boomers have considered three options on what to do with their remains.  In the past, most folks chose ritual over thrift.  More and more folks are considering cremation as an option, but then there’s that long-dreaded fear of burning in hell.  Fear not!  Now we can consider the cost saving alternative of donating a whole body for medical research. 

An anatomical body donation to science is often attributed with an unfair stigma, although the process of an anatomical full body gift is not much different than the process a mortician follows for a standard funeral.  What differs is that an anatomical body donation allows for the collection of viable tissues and specimens for important scientific study, before the remains are cremated.  The cremated remains can then be returned to the family if this is their wish.  The timescale for this will vary dependent upon the institution selected.

“Why choose body donation?” One might ask.  A full body donation can provide a compassionate and humane possible choice for a funeral.  Although full body donation is not as commonly known of as organ donation, it presents an opportunity to donate a greater gift to the future of humankind.