Wednesday, May 20, 2015

YouthUSA Celebrates 2015 Winner

Left to Right Pastor Mavis Morisseau (Parent), Ashonta Johnson (Community Asset Manager). Mylan (Beneficiary), and Reverend Stephanie Harley (Caring Adult Mentor) demonstrate value in a vision of America's future
By Eric Stradford, USMC, Retired and Stephanie A. Walker Stradford

AMWS, May 16, 2015, Land O Lakes, FL –  When the caring adults come together as the “whole village” it takes to raise a winner, “what’s next?” is the number one question for two percent of us.   In plain language, our presence adds value to a winner’s  vision of the future.  So,  20 caring adults now known as the Mylan Javeen Morisseau Fellowship are finding answers by jut stepping up.

Youth Achievers USA Institute announced plans for a 20-year celebration of winners to The Annual Youth Achievement Awards.  CEO Stephanie A. Walker Stradford joined caring adult supporters to honor Land O Lakes, FL, resident Mylan Javeen Morisseau, 11, as the newest YouthUSA corporate beneficiary.

As a beneficiary, Mylan begins a lifelong relationship with an American non-profit corporation and empowerment to "believe I can achieve whatever I believe I can achieve."  To qualify, Mylan and other Americans before her submitted written goals in seven key areas of their human development. 

"We first got the idea to honor youth for what they believe they could achieve at our local church," said Mrs. Stradford.  "My choir director, gospel recording artist, Reverend Dr. Donald Vails, expressed concerns about everyday challenges to disadvantaged youth."  

Vails learned first-hand about threats to African American youth through his work at Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church, Ft. Washington, MD, throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan region and across the country through the Gospel Music Workshops of America.   Vails' "Gideon's Army" initiative resulting in 300 voice choirs inspired YouthUSA capacity building based on "the whole village" it takes to raise a child.

A whole village of 20 caring adults, required on each application since 1996, demonstrates local capacity to support a winner’s vision of the future.  "This is not a "gimmie" ministry.  It is intended to support youth and caring adults who want to LEARN-2-EARN," said Stradford.  "YouthUSA has qualified 86 corporate beneficiaries through the United States.  They win equal access to opportunities, awards and incentives available through the corporation.  Caring adult members of the "whole village" access these opportunities through the organization's cloud-based facility, "The Conference Center." 

As a national 501c3 corporation, Youth Achievers is identifying, qualifying and training leaders from within a corporate village of more than 1000 stakeholders to engage youth in securing "all rights and responsibilities" for themselves, their local community and a national fellowship of winners. 

A 3-day local Learn-2-Earn event invited economic beneficiaries and caring adult stakeholders to a 10-year strategic planning effort.  The event offered free technical assistance to any caring adult affiliated with the Mylan Javeen Morisseau Fellowship of YouthUSA.