Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Who will manage YOUR inheritance?

READY, WILLING and ABLE is YouthUSA’s standard for inclusion.  
Winners don’t quit. Quitters don’t win!

By Eric Stradford and Stephanie A. Walker Stradford

AMWS, August 15, 2018, Atlanta -- Some 118 applicants from the Cleveland and Atlanta Federal Reserve regions are among the first to ENGAGE as candidates for a PAID CONTRACTOR position.  Youth Achievers USA Institute is committed to raising “Whole Villages” of learners to ENGAGE as COMMUNITY ASSET MANAGERS (CAMs).

“Two-Percenter” capacity building targets candidates who are ready, willing and able to help youth in low income American families grow up less poor.  The successful contractor partners with an existing YouthUSA economic beneficiary or qualifies a new beneficiary to model economic fellowships where our beneficiaries live, learn, work and/or worship.

Any YouthUSA beneficiary, who has reached age 25, or caring adult stakeholder can become a paid contractor; or any youth or adult in a Whole Village may engage in selecting the first of 12 PAID CONTRACT COMMUNITY ASSET MANAGERS (CAMs).   

Candidates for the contract position are now engaged in fundraising to support 12 funded contract positions in 2019.  You can support this effort through a tax-deductible contribution of $5 or more to Youth Achievers USA Institute.

From childhood we have watched
as everything our ancestors worked for—
their flocks and herds, their sons and daughters—
was squandered on a delusion.

Jeremiah 3:24