Wednesday, August 21, 2013

March On Washington

A virtual movement from information to operation


AMWS, August 22, 2013, Washington, DC -- Fifty years ago, civil rights activists from across the United States gathered here for one of the most momentous events of the 20th century. They marched and rallied around a shared message of civil liberty, civil rights, and economic opportunity for all.

It would be a good thing to say that we have made progress. It would be great if the measured steps of a few produced great strides in America’s fight for equality. But the truth is people are unemployed, underemployed, and scared to death about their children’s future. For too many in our families, the glass is not even half full.

We are all reminded of times where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  But, when the threat comes to your door, there is no doubt that your national security is priority one in your American dream.

The basic right to vote is in danger. It seems everyday another child dies from some form of violence. Our criminal justice system is anything but "just for all." Children are being left alone more as parents take on jobs that barely pays the bills. Too many people in too many communities struggle to find jobs and provide for their families. Too many dreams remain unfulfilled.

So, as neighbors from across America prepare to #MarchOnWashington, we invite you to join a virtual economic movement. SAVE a little money by connecting from home. Then SAVE a little more money by sharing the ride to church with friends and family members. Finally, you can SAVE by learning more about your finances. Take a free online FDIC MoneySmart Financial Literacy course today and upload your certificates of completion.

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @YouthUSA drafted some tweets to help get you to the virtual  #MarchOnWashington

Join us for a virtual #MarchOnWashington

What will it take to prevent gun violence? One Nation Under God! We #MarchOnWashington for #EconomicSecurity.

Divisive politics of the past have no future. We #MarchOnWashington for #EconomicSecurity on Our Streets, USA.

Our children r more valuable than stuff dividing us. We #MarchOnWashington for #EconomicSecurity on Our Streets, USA.

Let the children come to me. God’s kingdom belongs to them. We #MarchOnWashington for #EconomicSecurity.

Message to Congress. Get along! We #MarchOnWashington for #EconomicSecurity on Our Streets, USA.


#MarchOnWashington begins 8:00 am Saturday August 24, 2013 at the Lincoln Memorial. marching to the King Memorial and ending at the Washington Monument.

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