Wednesday, October 14, 2015


AMWS, Oct. 14, 2015, Atlanta --  Youth Achievers USA Institute, a national 501c3 public charity, will invest in low income youth beneficiaries to support their economic inclusion.   During the October 10, 2015 A BLUEPRINT FOR ENDING POVERTY AND WANT has been published and made available to supporters of a MILLION MAN MOVEMENT.

The "JUSTICE OR ELSE" theme for the October 10, 2015 20th Anniversary of The Million Man has drawn initial support from local groups such as the Atlanta Local Organizing Committee.  The Reverend Samuel F. Mosteller published recommendations to identify specific "or else's" or issues proposed for collective action.

The recommendations and the “or else’s” listed below were developed out of the Issues Committee of the Atlanta Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for developing the support to the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March held on 10-10-15 on the national mall in Washington, D.C. The Issues Committee was chaired by Reverend Samuel Mosteller and 25 other community leaders.


• Or else, we will pull our children out of public schools one day per week to give our children a tutorial of true history; who they are according to their ancestry and DNA (Dr. Henry Louis Gates); and help them chart their future.
• Location will be the local churches, synagogues, and mosques
• The tutorial will be a standardized packet of instruction released from a central authority.
• Or else, by legislation demand the veracity and truth of all textbooks used in education with particular focus on slavery, immigration and segregation policy.

Criminal Justice

• Or else, we will start a movement across the country exempting felons who cannot vote from paying any taxes (sales, income, property) Taxation without Representation
• Or else, we are going to exercise our right to a trial by jury for all people of color on every charge across the nation.
• Or else, we will assign people of color to monitor every courtroom every day that court is in session.
• Or else, we will recommend each defendant seek pro-bono representation.
• Or else, we will work to codify the separation of the public defender from the prosecutor’s office and the district attorney’s office.


• Or else, we will boycott every major holiday beginning with Black Friday, continuing thru Xmas, New Years, and MLK Day. We will buy no clothing, no cars, no jewelry, no large appliances.
• Or else, we will pull our money out of every bank and deposit in Black banks or keep it at home like the Mexicans.
• Every Black family will grow a home garden with a goal of reducing the food bill by 25%.
• Or else, we will stop giving out Black residential information at Point of Sale (POS) because they close the stores more convenient to our residence because they determine how far we will travel to shop.


• Or else, we are going to ask each Black person to be responsible for getting 5 non-registered voters registered, educated on issues, and mobilized to the polls.
• Or else, we are going to target every politician who does not support our community infrastructure development and/or redevelopment by policy.
• Or else, we will target and recall every politician (Black or White) who is not supportive of Black community issues. We will ensure that they are not re-elected
• Or else, craft court cases to eventually come before the Supreme Court to remove part of personhood of corporations under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.
• Or else, craft legislation requiring all native-born Americans to be automatically registered to vote on their 18th birthday
• Or else, we will teach the true history and current methodology of health research using Black people as guinea pigs or subjects.
• Or else, we will demand that all those used as guinea pigs in research specifically Tuskegee experiments and Black women reproductive research that they or their families be financially compensated immediately.
• Or else, we will develop a national oversight structure to record and litigate untoward doctor patient irregularities.
• Or else, design a health mandate to make Medicaid Expansion nationwide and mandatory for all states by including this mandate in the Affordable Healthcare Act.


• Or else, we will set-up a structure to have at least one entrepreneurial element financed nationally for each Black family.
• Or else, we will have continual forums and seminars on financial literacy, estate planning to financially stabilize all families of color.
• Or else, we will change the language regarding single parent families.
• Or else, we will develop a comprehensive support system for single parent families to include daycare, afterschool, and mentoring.

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